(a) correct a misleading or misleading statement in the PDS; or If a financial product is recommended to you, you will receive a Product Disclosure Declaration (POS) or other disclosure document issued by the product supplier. (d) amend a declaration of the type referred to in points (a) or (b) of paragraph 1016E.1. The terms defined in the product disclosure statement have the same meaning in this application form. (c) to update or supplement the information contained in the PDS; or Masterpiece Signature Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Policy Wording, Australia. For approvals identified as Type A and Type B under 4.1.1, select one of the following options to verify the approval. Search the website of the competent supervisory authority, e.B. „Search for supervisor`s funds“ (register of actions to be carried out on behalf of the investor); provide a copy of an offer document of the managed investment system, such as a copy of product information; or provide a relevant copy or extract of the legislation establishing the State Pension Fund, which comes from a government website. POLICY means this Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), policy wording, current policy plan and any other document that we issue to the insured person that we know is part of the policy. (b) correct any omission of information that it must contain in the PDS; or.. .