As an owner-operator, you need to choose wisely the company you want to work with, not only to create personal experiences, but also to build a strong personal portfolio. Before hiring, companies can ask for a reference to see how previous employers have seen your performance, which is one more reason to choose a company that you know is reliable and safe before jumping into a new position. With that in mind, we`ve done the research for you – here are some of the best and most reliable businesses you can call as a temporary home as an owner-operator. Walmart is just one example of a company with its own fleet of trucks. They offer one of the highest-paying truck driver jobs in the United States. Your rate of pay for a corporate truck driver ranges from approximately $70,000 to $85,000 per year. also indicates that the average owner and operator earn $174,000 when working for the company. An important advantage if you are at home every day, but the work environment is intense. Expectations are higher than most companies, but in return, they pay an above-average salary. May Trucking Company An aging company that has been in the industry since 1945, May Trucking is an America-focused fleet that operates in 11 states and is experiencing declines in all 48 adjacent U.S.

states. May Trucking has received countless awards, including the Top 250 Trucking Companies and the Great West Safety Award, and is recognized for its forward-thinking approach that goes beyond safety and partners with environmentally friendly companies to develop carbon reduction programs as well as veterinary programs. They are also very friendly with the owners` operators. Here`s what you need to know: Safety is our top priority and we work closely with our legal staff and insurance companies to ensure we have the safest drivers on the road. A team`s success depends on many variables, including the ability of the freight forwarding company they work for to efficiently plan its loads. Some teams are doing very well financially. It`s often assumed that driving as a team is the quick and easy way to be a wealthy truck driver, and because it`s one of the highest-paying truck jobs. If you prefer flat-rate options, you can be home every week or every two weeks, whichever you prefer. Prices also vary depending on the company you choose to drive for. Crete pays: You also have access to all the company`s facilities as a bonus.

As part of the company`s energy program, you can save on everything from insurance and fuel to tires and maintenance. Usually, well-paying truck driver jobs can be found in a so-called „niche market.“ A niche market is a segment specialized in the freight forwarding industry. Crete opened its doors in 1966 and has a mix of business leaders and owner-operators on the road. Crete pays in an animal option, with 21 DAYS OTR on a sliding scale. When you work for the company, you get paid: private truck fleets often pay a higher rate of pay to the trucker, but their standards for hiring drivers are also higher. You can look for drivers with more experience and a higher level of qualification than the average dry freight driver. During J.B. Hunt is a good company to work for, you won`t find owner-operator jobs here that pay $3.00 per mile. MadCo Transport, Inc. At MadCo Transportation, employees treat owner-operators like a family – with core values that include God`s honor, family, and respect for the body, the company places high expectations on its drivers and only gives the best in return.

Most drivers who stay at MadCo not only start there, but also build a strong bond and eventually retire with the company. On a human and career-oriented level, various benefits are offered. Here`s what you need to know: you`ll enjoy constant freight without forced shipping. There are no company trucks to compete with for freight, so there are more than enough ways to transport loads. The open door policy is also an added advantage. Crete also has Shaffer Trucking, which pays a little more: driving as an owner-operator is about maximizing your income. While earnings from $150,000 to $175,000 may seem great to you, it`s important to remember that you also take on the task of paying for your own insurance, maintenance, and other costs that you wouldn`t have to consider as a business driver. Gross salary is given as the basis for estimation, but the company requires you to pre-qualify and talk to a recruiter. Landstar Rangers, Inc. Landstar Rangers, Inc. knows the benefits of being an owner-operator, all the freedoms associated with it, and they are eager to maintain that status.

Landstar is specifically looking for solo drivers, not in spite of what they do, but because of what they do – they want individual executives to run their shows happily and without being trapped on the street. At Landstar, no one is forced to take a charge, and drivers can go home whenever they want. .