To pick up a C.A.R. rental application package with RentSpree, you must first submit an application request and retrieve an application through RentSpree (click here to find out how). If you use RentSpree`s selection platform, you may receive a completed rental application from the California Association of REALTORS® from any applicant. You can receive the application as well as RentSpree`s full credit, criminal and deportation history reports. When it comes to rental transactions, getting a complete application package is not the easiest process. In addition to the application itself, you will need to charge a pre-selection fee and make a credit to a third party. That`s where RentSpree comes in. We take a manual process and make it automated and paperless. The best part is that RentSpree is available for free for zipLogix users™. Once you have an applicant, enter their email address to RentSpree and they can send you a completed application package in one step. 1. On the Transaction Summary page, click the document you want to send for signature. 4.

If you click Export C.A.R. Rental App, you will notice a loading circle, and then the file will be downloaded to the place where you set your browser`s download folder. Simply locate the file and double-click it to open it with your PDF viewer. You will also receive the as a document as part of the transaction in zipForm® Plus! 2(a). If you do not have an existing transaction, please click New and create a lease or lease, a residential transaction. 2. Once you click on the document, it will open. Click the Sign button at the top of the document. 5.

You will then notice another pop-up window explaining RentSpree this time around. At the bottom of the pop-up window, click Get Started. 3. When viewing the app, click the blue button at the top right that says Export Rental App C.A.R. 6. You will be asked to log in with your RentSpree credentials. Enter your credentials, and then click Sign In. 3. Once selected, you will be redirected to this transaction summary page. At the top left, you will see the address of the transaction. To the right of it is a button that says Marketplace (it looks like two shaking hands). Click this button.

4. After that, you will be guided through the electronic signature steps to connect to all services if necessary, select recipients and send everything! If you have any questions about this particular service, it is recommended that you contact zipForms® directly. 2. Click on the name/email address of the person whose application you want to view. 2. In the „Transactions“ tab, click on an existing lease or a lease, residential property. 3. After clicking on it, you will be redirected to the electronic signature page. Here you can name the file you are sending, select the file, and choose the signing service you want to use. Once you`ve done that, click Next in the upper-right corner.

1. Go to or zipForm Plus and log in to zipForm®® Plus with your username and password. 7. Once logged in, you will be asked to select your accommodation from a drop-down menu. Ignore this and click Back to Dashboard to return to your RentSpree dashboard and view the app and reports (see help to view reports here). „RentSpree has really made my life easier when it comes to managing leasing transactions. RentSpree has a very user-friendly interface, it`s so much simpler and the quality of their reports is much better than its competitors. I also like that the tenant pays the fees online, so we don`t have to deal with collecting paper checks or any of the other online payment services. RentSpree also has excellent customer service.

1. Visit your dashboard and click on a property address that a tenant has applied to. If you use the C.A.R. rental application in zipForm® Plus, you can request a signature about it directly via zipForm® Plus! 4. Click My Marketplace to find RentSpree, and then click Send to.